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Yoga Physio is a unique blend of Yoga and Physiotherapy under the care and supervision of Sarah Shone, registered Yoga Teacher and Chartered Physiotherapist.

Sarah Shone is a highly experienced physiotherapist who specialises in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and yoga. She qualified in 1998 as a Chartered Physiotherapist. She has completed a Diploma in Orthopaedic Medicine, and Masters Modules in Injection Therapy, and Advanced Clinical Practice.

She works as an Extended Scope Physiotherapy Practitioner / Clinical Specialist in Orthopaedics. Her personal passion for yoga crossed into her clinical practice. She trained and qualified as a Yoga teacher, and currently runs successful yoga classes within the NHS. She also runs private classes independently in the Bolton and Wigan areas.

Sarah's work has been featured in an article in "Frontline", the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy magazine. Click here for details of Yoga Physio in the media.

Sarah was also presented with an award for "Outstanding Contribution to Innovation" in recognition for her work integrating Yoga into NHS physiotherapy. 
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Always wanted to try yoga?
Worried that you may not be 'flexible' enough?
Worried about previous injuries, arthritis or aches and pains?

Then join Yoga Physio for guaranteed friendly and professional instruction

Sessions are aimed at those who want to practice yoga under safe guidance and expert tuition. The Yoga classes are complemented by Physiotherapy education and advice. The classes provide you with the confidence that you are exercising under the care of a Chartered Physiotherapist. The poses in the class can always be modified to meet your needs - whatever your level of ability.

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